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Tempest Home System - Air Restore System

An air purifier and ionizer system, AirRestore uses Organic Air Technology to tackle harmful pollutants and odors. One of the best air purifiers on the market for pet odors, cooking odors, vacation rentals, homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms, locker rooms, and anywhere you want clean odor-free air.

The Tempest Home Air Restore System works by returning the natural cleaning properties found in outdoor air to the air indoors. Organic Air Technology is truly one of a kind. This technology was designed to very specifically replicate Mother Nature’s own process of keeping the outdoor air fresh.

Each AirRestore unit dispenses safe and natural elements throughout the room to give the indoor air a natural energy. These elements actively attach to and break down pollutants by altering them, weighing them down, and effectively restoring the air to a much fresher state.

The Tempest Home System Covers 3200 Square Feet (800 sq ft per unit)

Air Restore Air Purifier & Ionizer System Package Includes:

  • Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Each unit comes with 1 USB Cord & 1 USB Wall Adaptor.

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