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Tempest System by AirRestore Car Adapter

Take the benefits of AirRestore on the road with this convenient charging adapter! Designed to fit in your car’s lighter output, the unit features a compact size that’s perfect for having an air purifier on the go.

This adapter gives you the ability to plug AirRestore into your vehicle. Whether you’re taking a family road trip across the country – or need to reduce the overall smell and air pollution trapped inside your car- this is the best option to remove those musky smells for good! Tough upholstery stains can also be solved with our innovative technology. Simply place AirRestore on the top of spot for an easy fix to the most unruly spills. It quickly goes to work breaking down all types of stains, such as coffee or milk, pet accidents, and even gasoline! Old stains? No problem. You can spray a mist of water above the dried substance, then let the AirRestore take care of the rest.