AirRestore system produces the energized elements that naturally belong in the air. Inside each Air Restore system is an Ionic Engine that produces the energy your indoor air lacks. A small fan is continuously blowing these elements out into the room. These energized elements cause a series of natural oxidation and reduction reactions that essentially break down the pollutants in the air. Your AirRestore systems return the natural cleaning properties found in outdoor air, to the air indoors!

Organic Air Technology is truly one of a kind. This technology was designed to very specifically replicate Mother Nature’s own process of keeping the outdoor air fresh. The sun and wind naturally provide the energizing elements to the air. These elements actively attach to and break down pollutants in the air by altering the airborne pollutants, which helps restore the air to a much cleaner state.

Think about all the odors that SHOULD be outside, but aren’t.

Where did the pollutants from the past go?

Volcanic eruptions, building collapses, earthquakes, decaying animals in the wild… Odors and pollutants don’t just disappear. But our earth can’t afford for those pollutants to collect. So Mother Nature needed a continual process for keeping the outdoor air organic and fresh. This process is amazingly effective, and now you can bring it indoors!

This technology is truly different

The AirRestore System works by returning the natural cleaning properties found in outdoor air to the air indoors.

How does it work?

It doesn’t use filters. It doesn’t use chemicals. It doesn’t cover with perfumes.

The AirRestore system takes the ambient air around the unit and pulls it into the Plasma Chamber area. The air is then re-energized and regains its cleaning abilities. The energized air is then dispensed to every corner of the room by the system’s Ionic Engine, putting the energized elements to work, causing a series of OXIDATION and REDUCTION reactions that essentially use all elements in the air during the clean-up process. The Ionic Engine is also causing smaller particles, such as dust and dander, to fall out of the air and out of your breathing space, effectively reducing the level of pollutants in the air.

Better Than Ionizer Air Purifiers

AirRestore Technology has been mistaken for the technology found in ionizers: a type of air purifier found on the market today. DID YOU KNOW Ionizers only add a negative charge to the airborne particles, which can make them stick to your furniture, walls and floors. The AirRestore System implements Organic Air Technology which produces the energized elements and disperses them throughout a room to proactively attach to and break down the pollutants. Germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and odors are neutralized by altering the pollutants, thereby reducing the pollutants in the air.

Reactive methods are limited.

Traditional air purifiers and their reactive technologies are very limited. They rely on the air passing through the filter, leaving a majority of the active air filled with microscopic pollutants.  This passive method of cleaning the air can only react to the problem if it happens to be nearby.

Let’s find a proactive solution.

AirRestore’s energized elements fill the room and continually find and attack germs, bacteria, pet dander, viruses and mold on a molecular level without using harmful chemicals or perfumes. It is so thorough it can even help with odors in carpeting, drapes and upholstery.