How does it work?

The AirRestore System works by returning the natural cleaning properties found in outdoor air to the air indoors. Organic Air Technology is truly one of a kind. This technology was designed to very specifically replicate Mother Nature’s own process of keeping the outdoor air fresh. 

Fresh air in every room of your house





Featured Products

ZONE 1 Quality Air in BEDROOMS is essential considering that we spend around 30% of our lives sleeping. Healthy air is especially important for seniors, babies, and kids.

ZONE 2 Fresh, clean air in COMMON AREAS is important for keeping your environment and family healthy, particularly during cold & flu season.

ZONE 3 The KITCHEN is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which is a large concern around food. AirRestore is so powerful it helps keep your surfaces clean and healthy!

ZONE 4 Use an AirRestore unit in BASEMENTS and LAUNDRY ROOMS to control odors, germs, mold and mildew growth, litter box odors, and more.