Product Reviews

You smoke in the house?

Larry & Elaine S. of Michigan

Thank you airrestore! My wife and I bought your whole home system and couldn’t wait to decide where to put the four units in our house. A couple of days after we got it all set up we had some friends visit us. They had never been in our home before. After a while I asked if they minded if I had a cigarette while we chatted. And they said, “You smoke in the house?” I told them we did and asked if it was an issue for them. They said no, since they are also smokers. They just couldn’t believe that they couldn’t smell anything when they had first gotten there.

Here’s the bottom line: My wife and I smoke in the house, we have a live-in housekeeper who also is a smoker and we have four cats in the house with two litter boxes in our laundry room. We are very clean people but there is no denying we had been losing the odor battle before we found air restore. I could go on and on; these things work! ‘Nuff said!

Snow crab, anyone?

David W. of Orange Park, FL

We had friends over for a snow crab boil. After the party, we put all of the shells in our pantry where we keep our trash can. I meant to take the garbage out before I went to bed but had totally forgotten. The next morning we went away for a long weekend. When we returned, our house was smelling like something had died in our home. I grabbed the can and took it outside. When I came back in, the smell was horrible and was all over the house. Since there was no outlet in the pantry, I grabbed the corded air restore that I keep in our laundry room and plugged it in the pantry with the door closed. After one hour I checked on it, and most of the odor was gone. I came back in three hours and found the odor was eliminated.

After this experience, I went to the hardware store to buy some electrical parts. I now have an outlet in my pantry and keep a unit plugged in there 24/7… no more trash can smells for us. Thank you for this miracle in a box!

Past pets with potty problems

Jill M. of Brainerd, MN

I moved into a rental house in the early spring. The place was cleaned top to bottom, freshly painted and had new carpet. It looked great! Well, not so great. As the summer came and brought the heat and humidity, the evidence of the previous renter’s had pets was impossible to ignore. I found out they had a couple of dogs and a CAT!!

Now again, the owner of the property cleaned from top to bottom. After these smells started appearing I spent three weeks myself — cleaning on hands and knees with a scrub brush and every pet enzymatic cleaner, or any “home remedies” I could find. To no avail, the basement continued to reek of old decomposition animal urine, cat spray… I don’t know what… It was indescribable.

I loved the house but I was getting ready to move!! So when my mom told me again about her air restore air purifiers, I was desperate and decided to try it. To my surprise IT WORKED. Seriously, that easy?? Within hours, the horrible odors were GONE!! I now have 4 units upstairs and 2 in my basement.

Here is an added bonus: I also am a pet owner. I have a dog with allergies. So he does the scratching and licking thing. Since adding the AirRestore into our home, the dog scratches and licks less. I have been using the AirRestore now for almost three months!!

Wicked cooking odors

Victor N. of Colorado

My wife, Linda, has been a salesperson for air cleaning machines for over twelve years and more recently a dealer for the latest AirRestore Air Naturalizer product. In 1997 she had a traumatic brain injury, and as a result she has lost her sense of smell. One day she was crisping kale in the oven and forgot it was there, burning it. She turned off the oven when she saw it smoking and took the cookie sheet, kale and all, outdoors.

Now I hate kale…even when it is cooked properly, but burnt kale is much worse! It had infiltrated our small home from the front to back. When I came home, I could smell something awful outside the kitchen door. I told her the odor was everywhere in the house.

She became frantic because a customer was arriving within the hour to pick up several AirRestore units and what would she think? We immediately placed extra units in the kitchen and in the living room and had them switched on high. When the customer arrived the smell was gone!

Coffee & Girl Talk

Kari W. of New York City, NY

I had an amazing experience with my Air Naturalizer. I had invited a friend for coffee who was highly allergic to cats and so she had to leave my apartment within minutes. When I’d heard about AirRestore, I bought a studio pack and the plugged them in. I asked my friend to come over again and this time she was able to stay and have coffee for hours!

Another friend came to my home for a party and said that he “expected to have a reaction” to my cats but he experienced NOTHING. He was amazed.

2013 Colorado Wildfires

William G. of Colorado Springs, CO

In the spring of 2013, Colorado was home to numerous wildfires. At the time, my wife and I were living in a small log home near Divide, Colorado. It was a Wednesday night, and the smoke from the fires was thick in our home. I was concerned about breathing all of that in.

The next day, I went to a business networking meeting with our local Air Restore representative — Linda N. — and I purchased a whole home system at the end of that meeting. I took it home that night, plugged all four in, and in less than an hour, our home was completely clear of smoke and smoke odors. I called Linda and asked to buy another system for my mother who lived three miles away.

Since then, we have moved into a townhome in Colorado Springs. The home had been vacant for nearly two years and had a stale odor. We keep our units plugged in 24 hours a day, and it always smells fresh in our home! These AirRestore units are the best!

On the road again…

Scott M. of everywhere

Over the past 4 months, I have been living in an RV and touring the west coast. The only drawback has been the odors that come with living in a motor home. I have tried everything: candles, plug-ins, sprays, fans and it all just makes for floral-scented odors.

Then a friend of mine told me about the AirRestore she just bought from a representative. I didn’t believe it could work as well as she said but I trusted her referral and called to check it out. To my delight, I plugged in one AirRestore Wall Unit and within 90 minutes, the entire RV smelled like the freshness of outdoors after a storm. I was so impressed that I decided to join as a distributor of the products!

It never works to mask a cat

Felipe V. of New Mexico

I’m very pleased with AirRestore products. I buy products to mask odors since we have cats. Ever since we have been using the AirRestore the odors are complete gone. Now we have fresh smell all day and we don’t want to go back to masking products.

Sustainable Living

David L. of Cottonwood, AZ

Over the last several years, my husband and I have searched for natural ways to promote and maintain our health. You could call us granola-lovers. But when it came to our indoor air nothing had really met our standards for cleaning the air while also being affordable and not being energy-consuming monsters.

AirRestore has exceeded our expectations! That is not said lightly because I am very analytical, so I do a lot of research. Because of that, several AirRestore units were tested (and are now used) in the home office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement, and in the car. Our indoor environment is now conducive to our natural-health lifestyle.

Here is one specific way the Air Naturalizers have been effective: on thrift store shoes. We shop exclusively at local thrift shops, where I found a pair of running shoes. The shoes looked like new, but I wanted to make sure they were sanitized. Following the website tips, I wiped down the shoes, placed them in a small, canvas zippered bag and spritzed the inside of the bag and the shoes with water. Then I placed the corded AirRestore inside the bag and left small opening of about 6 inches when closing the zipper so that the air could circulate. After a few hours, the shoes were sanitized and smelled great.