Mar 28th 2024

The Science Behind Clean Air: How AirRestore Organic Air Works

While Mother Nature is the original purifier of the outdoor air, AirRestore takes pride in being her indoor counterpart.

Check out this brief video to understand how our compact unit outperforms traditional air purifiers.

Organic Air Technology replicates this natural process indoors

Our Organic Air Technology replicates this natural process indoors, without any synthetic chemicals. Air is only truly healthy when it's fresh, and it's only genuinely fresh when it's both organic and energized! So, what exactly is Organic Air Technology? It's a question we love to answer! Breathing organic air means inhaling air that's been naturally energized and purified of pollutants. This ongoing outdoor process, powered by the sun and wind, is precisely what our technology brings indoors in a sleek, efficient form. Each AirRestore unit releases safe, natural elements into the room, energizing the indoor air. These elements actively bond with and transform pollutants, making them heavier and effectively cleansing the air to a fresher state.

Organic Air Technology is incredibly effective

Organic Air Technology is incredibly effective, and each unit is designed to rejuvenate up to 800 square feet of air. However, it's important to assess your indoor air on a room-by-room basis. Air flow and circulation are crucial for distributing the ions and energized elements produced by your AirRestore unit. Obstacles such as walls, doors, and large furniture can impede the movement and effectiveness of this natural energy.

Whole-Home Systems

Whole-Home Systems are easily customizable to address your unique air quality concerns! Every home has a distinct size, structure, and interior design, so your requirements will be unique as well. The AirRestore System is the ultimate compact, modular solution for eliminating odors wherever needed!

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